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CEI/2018/SRSS/01 - Call for Expression of Interest - External experts to support...
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Structural Reform Support Service
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Request for clarification
Dear Contracting Authority, I have the following questions regarding the tender: 1. According to Section 4., a) of the Call for expression of interest ("Call") the Standard Expression of Interest Form is to be submitted in Excel format, but it is only available as a PDF document in the document library. Can you please provide an editable format of this file? 2. Legal entity form and Financial Identification Form is only available in PDF format on the webpages linked in the Call. Can you please provide an editable format of this files? 3. How do I prove, that I speak my mother/native language (Call Section 4. c))? Do you accept a university diploma as a proof, if the course was completed in the relevant language? 4. In case I submit a non-English document, shall I also attach the translation? If yes, is my own translation enough? 5. Section 12., 2)/1. of the Call: as evidence of the professional experience, copy of contracts or other documents is to be submitted. As the tenderer is a natural person in this case (me), shall I provide a labour contract, or the CV plus Annex IV. and V. are enough to prove that I have the professional experience needed?
1. The Standard Expression of interest form in .xls format can be found on the "Document library" on eTED as well as a part of the .zip file annexed thereto; 2. The documents on both links mentioned in the Invitation for applications allow for them being edited. Should for some reason this is not possible, candidates can fill the Legal Entity File (LEF)' and a 'Bank Account File (BAF) by hand and scan them as .pdf files. 3. Yes. 4. Yes, translations in English is recommended to be attached. These can be self-made (non-official, non-notarised) translations. 5. In line with the "Invitation for applications" sections 4 f) and 12.2, apart from Annexes IV and V, candidates must provide documents confirming the nature, duration and the level of the professional experience.