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European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA)
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Section 4.3.3 – criterion 3 – information to be included in evidence documentation
With reference to evidence required for criterion 3 in Section 4.3.3 “Contracts and a table of profile coverage for each contract”, please answer the following questions: a) We understand that the same 10 contracts provided as evidence for criterion 3 can also be used to meet criterion 1 (including also sums, figures, dates, information about contracting body - public or private, language environment, certificates of satisfactory execution, etc.). Please confirm or clarify. b) As proof we understand that it is sufficient to include only summary information per contract (e.g. type of profiles requested in the contract). Please confirm or clarify.
a) We confirm that the same contracts may be used for criterion 1 and 3. b) Please see modified version of the Tender specifications as published on 23/3/2018.