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European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA)
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Price average rate
In section 4.3.5 of the specification, the method for evaluating the price for each tender is established: “A price average rate of each tender shall be calculated as follows: Total of all prices for all profiles in all cells for both locations (Standard Junior & Senior, Non-Standard Junior & Senior) / Number of price cells = price average rate of the tender.” a) Please confirm that you will announce publicly the “Price average rate” of submitted tenders during the opening; this is also what the European Commission did recently in the context of DIGIT TM call for tenders. b) The price average rate is not clearly indicated in any of the sheets of the financial proposal form. Please provide a new version of the financial proposal form with a clear calculation and indication of the “Price average rate”, which is the unique award criterion.
We apologise, current version of Sheet 2 of the "Financial proposal form" contains only average Senior rates. However, the calculation of price average rate is explained in Art. 4.3.5 of the Tender specifications.
a) We confirm. However, please note that during the opening we will announce the rate as included in the submitted "Financial proposal form"; after opening, the evaluation committee will check up whether the “Financial proposal form” was not changed in any way that would influence the result of the financial evaluation (this change could lead to rejection of the tender). b) Please see Sheet 2 of the "Financial proposal form"; the price average rate is automatically calculated based on the prices you put to orange fields.