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Fornitura di dispositivi di protezione individuale (DPI) e dispositivi di sicure...
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European Commission, Joint Research Centre (JRC)
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Request regarding point II.4.15 General conditions for the framework contract for supplies, of the document EN-2.Draft framework contract for supplies
Good morning, regarding the packaging, we are asking if the following data: — name of contracting authority and address for delivery; — name of contractor; — description of contents; — date of delivery; — number and date of specific contract; — EC code number of article, can be reported of the consignment note instead of indicating them the label of each box. Thank you
Good morning, for the present contract, it is enough to indicate the recipient and the number of the contract on each box. The consignment shall be placed on the outside of the package and shall indicate the address of JRC, the no of the contract or the order, the content of the box, the number of the boxes and the weight of the boxes. It is noted that the Article I.12 of the contract was modified to formalise these aspects. Please see the revised version of the contract that is just published.