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Hotel and Travel Booking Service
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European Medicines Agency (EMA)
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1. Please could you expand on this question? Structure of the team processing the online bookings (CVs should not be provided in response to these criteria). Typically online bookings are automated and do not have personnel to 'process' these bookings. 2. What are your expectations regarding the products available through an online booking tool? 3. Following your transition to Amsterdam, will you still have staff based in UK? If so, roughly how many? Many thanks.
1. Qualitative award criterion A, requires the tenderer to outline the team structure for requests made through OBT, as the Agency has stipulated that some human intervention (to check if the travellers requests comply with the set of all predefined reimbursement instructions as set in tender specification, point is likely. Criterion A also requires indication how the tenderer will ensure that all bookings requested through OBT are made in accordance with EMA reimbursement rules. However, if during the transitional period the proposed tool can be customised, so it automatically assesses the requests made by the travellers, ensuring that all bookings comply with the reimbursement rules, the Agency will not require the outline of the team checking the request. Should a fully customised and automated tool be offered, the evaluation committee will only judge the quality of the proposed solution and assess the measures ensuring compliance with EMA reimbursement rules. 2. It is mandatory that EMA travellers can book the hotels and flights through the online booking tool. Also, as indicated in answer 5, it is mandatory that EMA travellers can view the available UK domestic, Eurostar and International rail on the OBT and can request any of those means of transport via the tool. 3. EMA will relocate to Amsterdam, the Netherlands, where it has to take up its operations as from 30 March 2019 at the latest. Beyond 2020 there is no intention for staff to be located in the UK.