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European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA)
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Technical and Professional Capacity – References – Criterion 3
In reference to the update to criterion 3 on references, we would like to bring the following points to your attention. 1) It is unclear what the 90% coverage of Annex IV profiles per contract would attest in terms of service quality for the Contracting Authority, as long as submitted references are of comparable contracts, volumes, ordering process and complexity of delivery. We strongly believe that achieving 90% profile coverage across the submitted set of references is sufficient to demonstrate the tenderer’s capacity and ask you to amend the requirement this way. 2) It is very unlikely that any company would embark on a contract in a consortium set-up including a partner with a 90% business share. It could happen, but it would be surprising for companies to take on joint liability for a share of 10% or less. On the other hand, delivering a share of 30% or more in a large framework contract is already a representative effort of important delivery capacity. We therefore ask you to revise this requirement. We trust that you will find this request both reasonable and acceptable.
This procedure is going to be cancelled and republished with new deadline for submission of tenders.