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ICT Consultancy
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European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA)
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Cancelled after publication
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Question details
Section 4.3.3, Selection criterion 3 and Q&A54
With reference to the updated Tender Specifications, Selection criterion 3, “1. Contracts, 2. A table of profile coverage for each contract, 3. A Statement of percentage age of staff coming from the tenderer’s own organisation” are requested as evidence to selection criterion 3. In addition, in reply to question 54, “If an NDA allows to disclose the scope of information about the contract as described in the question, we suggest that the partial scans of the contracts could be replaced by the relevant information confirmed by the customer”. It is a fact that most of the contracts signed with private and public Customers are of confidential nature and cannot be disclosed even in a Tender procedure. Moreover, when reference letters are requested from the Customers, in most of the cases they use their own specific templates validating specific information (like project name, Company that was awarded the project, start-end dates and total volume of the project). Thus, we understand that in order to cover this criterion, instead of contracts, Tenderers can provide a short description per contract (for all 10 contracts requested) including at least the name of the contract and the Client, start-end dates, description of services, volume, location of execution and the parties/profiles concerned - demonstrating the high (>=90%) coverage of the profiles as requested together with a reference letter signed by the Customer (without necessarily confirming all details requested by ESMA). Please confirm our understanding or provide further clarifications.
This procedure is going to be cancelled and republished with new deadline for submission of tenders.