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ICT Consultancy
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European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA)
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Cancelled after publication
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Question details
Section 4.3.3, Selection criterion 3
As part of the updated specifications, selection criterion 3, additional requirements/clarifications were provided including: “Each contract must cover at least 90% of the profiles in Annex IV. Across these 10 contracts, 90% or more of the consultants provided must originate from tenderer’s own organization (internal and external staff) but not via consortium partners or other subcontractors.” The profiles in Annex IV are the following: IS Tester, Application Developer, System Administrator, Helpdesk Analyst, GIS Developer, Business Analyst, Quality Assurance Manager, UX/UI Specialist, Configuration/Deployment Manager, Support Manager, Application Architect, Enterprise Architect, Business Intelligence/ Data Warehouse/ Database Expert, Project Manager, Technology Expert, ICT Security Manager. The list of profiles covers the full lifecycle of ICT services which in most of the cases in the public and private sector is covered through several specialized contracts each with a more limited scope (for example Helpdesk and Support services, Software development and testing services, etc.). The requirement that each contract must cover at least 90% of the profiles is rather restrictive and excludes various large ICT integrators having contracts with a volume a lot larger that the ESMA’s contract volume but with more specific list of profiles (for example DESIS III for DG DIGIT, etc.). In consequence this requirement favors only specific staffing agencies and prevents effective and healthy competition. For this reason, we kindly ask you to modify this requirement and accept that each Tenderer must cover at least 90% of the profiles in Annex IV CUMULATIVELY IN ALL 10 CONTRACTS. Could you please accept this modification and update accordingly the Tender Specifications?
This procedure is going to be cancelled and republished with new deadline for submission of tenders.