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Monitoring Digital Transformation and Key Enabling Technologies
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Executive Agency for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (EASME)
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Work Package 2 - Updating of databases Task 2.8: Management and further development of KETs Observatory, mapping of KETs Technology Centres and DTM web tools
Page 20 of ToR states: “The Contractor is supposed to provide user support via electronic mail in 24 hours.” Could you please specify which kind of support has to be provided? It this covering user access to tools, or also advice on content and data interpretation? There are expectations to this request (e.g. media professionals, lawyers, etc.)
The contractor is requested to provide both kinds of user support, on user access and on content and data interpretation. The contractor is expected to process any user request within 24 hours (only on working days). By the term “process” it is meant, that: - The contractor shall acknowledge the receipt of the question to the user. - The contractor should either answer the question directly, or (for questions which need the involvement of data experts) forward the question to relevant experts. The tender is expected to describe how they will process requests and describe the level of service they are committed to provide, for example: - receipt of 100% of questions processed within 24 hours. - 70% of inquiries solved within 1 working day. - 20% solved within 2 working days. - 10% solved within 5 working days.