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Monitoring Digital Transformation and Key Enabling Technologies
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Executive Agency for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (EASME)
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Work Package 2 - Updating of databases Task 2.8: Management and further development of KETs Observatory, mapping of KETs Technology Centres and DTM web tools
Page 20 of ToR states that "The scope and the utility of the KETs Observatory, mapping of KETs Technology Centres and DTM might be further increased by publishing relevant content produced by other sources within a sound strategy aimed at increasing the awareness of activities related to digital and key enabling technologies through a central hub, that would collect and disseminate all relevant information. For example, news items, studies, etc. related to KETs or digital technologies such as high-tech skills studies, events, information on relevant technology research, etc. This type of activity will require journalistic and editorial expertise.” Could you please clarify and list which are the expected results, the deliverables and timing of the activities mentioned in this section (strategy, central hub conception, news production)?. Are these activities related to the deliverables expected under WP6 on page 47? If yes, could you please indicate if the creation of a central hub is covered by this tender and, if not, when is this hub going to be conceived in order to be tuned with the Contractor?
Please see task 6.5. of the ToR for details on expected results, deliverables, timing etc. The term “central hub” is meant to refer to the website hosting the DTM, KETs observatory and the mapping of KETs technology centres. The aim is that the website would act as a hub, publishing not only content produced under this contract, but also referencing to other content produced under other EU initiatives. This is meant as a first step to reducing the fragmentation of sources relevant in the area of digital transformation and KETs.