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Monitoring Digital Transformation and Key Enabling Technologies
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Executive Agency for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (EASME)
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Work Package 3: Production of analytical reports Task 3.2.
Page 23 of ToR, related to task 3.2, states that “The Contractor shall test and further substantiate the recommendations through a series of workshops with experts from KETs Centres and other relevant stakeholders (e.g. clusters, Enterprise Europe Network, regional agencies, etc.). The workshops shall also contribute to stimulating the creation or improvement of pan-European networks of KETs Centres. The design of the workshops shall take into account all other relevant initiatives of the European Commission, such as the Digital Innovation Hubs, the Open Innovation Test Beds, the Smart Specialisation Platform on Industrial Modernisation and the European Network of Defence-related Regions. In the technical offer, tenderers shall indicate an appropriate number of workshops to perform this task and justify their proposal.” Can these workshops take place at EASME/EC facilities? Which are the costs to be covered by the Contractor? Is there any limitation on the number of workshops or the people to be participating?
It will be the responsibility of the contractor to organize all workshops and to cover all related costs. This includes the rent of venues convenient to hold these workshops. The tender shall propose a suitable number of workshops needed to ensure the robustness and quality of the reports and recommendations (no limit). The tender shall estimate the expected number of stakeholders / participants to invite in order to ensure the robustness and quality of the reports and recommendations (no limit).