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Monitoring Digital Transformation and Key Enabling Technologies
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Executive Agency for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (EASME)
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Work Package 6: Dissemination and communication activities Task 6.3. Participation in major European events, workshops, conferences and organisation of policy seminars
Page 35 of ToR, with regards to Task 6.3, states: “The Contractor shall identify and propose European events, workshops and conferences – relevant to the objectives of the project – to participate at. In agreement with and/or following a request by EASME/the Commission services, the Contractor shall present and promote the tools and analyses of the KETS Observatory, mapping of KETs Technology Centres and DTM at these events (30 events estimated).” Could you please specify if this participation is only about presentations of one or two participants or this activity could be also including stands or other kind of actions? Page 35 of ToR, with regards to Task 6.3, states: “the Contractor shall prepare and organise a series of 8-10 Policy Seminars on EU policy on KETs and digitising European industry for different types of audience (public regional authorities, private entities, associations, business clusters, etc.) with a view to spread the policy messages, strengthen the sense of “urgency” to act and trigger simultaneous, coordinated pan-European action. The seminars will, in principle, be organised in Brussels for around 50 participants each.” Are these Policy seminars to take place in the EASME/EC/ EU institutions premises? If not, are the costs of the venue and the meeting rooms to be covered by the Contractor?
As stated on page 33 of the ToR, the Contractor will develop a sound communication strategy with roadmap describing how the defined target groups can best be reached and how the three monitoring tools will be aligned in terms of timing, presentation, publication and dissemination channels. As part of this strategy, the tender shall identify and propose the most relevant types of participation in the above mentioned 30 events (e.g. speeches, presentations, stands, info-points, etc.). As a general rule, workshops will not be organised at the European Commission premises. As stated on page 39 of the technical specifications of the Call for tenders, for all the aforementioned workshops, Member States Board meetings, policy seminars, etc., the Contractor shall cover the costs of the venue and catering as well as the travel and accommodation costs for the experts.