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Provision of Net Neutrality (NN) Measurement Tool
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Agency for Support for BEREC (BEREC Office)
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Annex 6 "Technical Requirements Evaluation" states guidelines to the intellectual property rights of the to be developed Measurement Agent in Reg-12.
Is an exclusive open source release of the components appropriate to the measurement method in an executable form sufficient?
A main goal for this project is to procure a measurement tool which is transparent, reusable and free from vendor lock-in. This measurement tool may be adopted by one or more NRAs in due course and therefore could be customized or enhanced by an NRA’s in-house developers or contracted third parties. For this reason, the requirement for a fully open source solution is a mandatory one. This means that all Source Code must be made available via Git, including during the development phase, according to best practice and publicly available after the tool is finished (Req-17). All system components, including 3rd party re-used code (Req-20), have to be available in Source Code form. Releasing only pre-built binaries would not fulfill this requirement.