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European Commission, DG Energy (ENER)
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Clarification regarding place of performance
From p. 16 in Technical Specifications: "Place of performance The tasks will be performed on the Contractor’s premises. Meetings between the contractor and the Commission shall be held on Commission premises in Brussels. As mentioned above the selected tenderer is expected to locate key personnel in Brussels..." Unless Contractors premises is located in Brussels the 'Place of performance' text above seems contradicting. It will be important for our costing estimate to know if personnel need to be located in Brussel on permanent basis during contract period or if personnel can be in Contractors premises (not located in Brussels) and attend meetings with the European Commission. Could you please clarify the expectations with regards to place of performance?
The offer should explain how it will be ensured that the Commission and the contractors are able to hold regular meetings together in person in Brussels as mentioned in the specifications.