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Provision of SATCOM services for RPAS
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European Maritime Safety Agency
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Use of SATCOM terminals on RPAS and how this can impact on the SATCOM service provider.
With reference to the second bullet point in paragraph 8.1.2 in the Tender Specification document (EN-02): The choice made by the operator of the RPAS will determine the choice of the SATCOM Service Provider in a given SC. The choice of the SATCOM terminal made by the RPAS operator would therefore exclude from an SC award companies holding an FWC that does not include this terminal. This is not neutral with respect to SATCOM Services Providers. To avoid this, could EMSA allow each contractor to add the terminals chosen by the RPAS Service Providers after the signature of the FWC? This would also make it possible to integrate terminals available after the time the FWC tenders were submitted. 
During the implementation of the FWC, the Contractors may add new terminals in order to ensure SATCOM service compatibility with the terminal on board of the RPAS selected for the operations. New terminals must comply with the performance requirements described in Appendix 1 Technical Specifications