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Provision of SATCOM services for RPAS
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European Maritime Safety Agency
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Satellite links expected features
Can you confirm: - The method used to evaluate the link availability (exclusions, periods of time to measure availability) - The level of availability expected for the data links (command and control availability already determined) - If command and control link and data link are ensured by one single channel thanks to a router, or two separate channels.
-The Bidders can select the method that they consider more suitable to evaluate the link availability but the assumptions taken for the calculation of the link availability must be provided (geographical area, rain attenuation, simplex or duplex link, etc.) - refer to point Q1 2.2 of Appendix 2 Technical Tender Template; -The Bidders must determine the required C/N level to have 99.99% of availability for the Command and Control link. This high availability percentage was set for the Command and Control link because it is critical for the flight safety. For the payload data link the Bidders are requested to provide the estimated percentage of availability. Since the availability is very much linked to the geographical area it is suggested to calculate the link budget with the associated link availability percentage for at least 5 representative locations where the RPAS operations could take place (e.g. Atlantic Ocean, North Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Baltic Sea, Artic, etc.) - refer to point Q1 2.2 of Appendix 2 Technical Tender Template. - This decision of using one single channel or two separate channels is part of the configuration that the Bidders have to present in their bids. The Command and Command link is to be transmitted through a resilient channel and the availability requirement must be fulfilled.