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Monitoring Digital Transformation and Key Enabling Technologies
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Executive Agency for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (EASME)
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Work Package 2 - Updating of databases Task 2.6 - Inventory and mapping of Cities-ecosystems of industrial transformation: integration, update and collection of data.
2) Page 19: “The databases of the KETs Observatory phase II (Excel spreadsheets), the KETs Centres mapping phase II and of the DTM will be made available by the European Commission to the Contractor. On this basis, the Contractor will regularly provide EASME/Commission with the updated data to be uploaded in the KETs Observatory and DTM web tools” Question: Following the footnote 46, this is suggesting a yearly update. But data is supposed to be updated after validation of WP1 activities, not all of them related to deliverables (page 45) neither proposed on the indicative work plan (page 48 and beyond). Could you please specify which data and which content has to be updated and the expected rhythm of updating and publication?
The contractor is expected to refine and align the methodological frameworks of the Digital Transformation Monitor (DTM), the Digital Transformation Scoreboard and the mapping and networking of cities as engines of industrial transformation inventory and mapping of KETs Centres and the KETs Observatory methodology. Part of the methodological frameworks (i.e. in the case of the DTM and the KETs observatory) describe how data is collected and processed into DTM and KETs Observatory indicators. These indicators are currently regularly updated (most of them annually, some according to the availability of the source data at Eurostat and other data sources. The contractor may also propose to change some of these indicators or even propose new ones as it is described on page 14 “Propose alternative innovative methodologies…”. The regularity of updating such indicators shall be based on the update frequency of source datasets (normally once a year). Indicators are indeed expected to be updated regularly (normally once a year) based on the approved updated methodological framework which is expected at M6. It is impossible to provide an exact list of indicators to be updated and their planned timing, as the contractor is expected to review the type and number of indicators as described under WP1. However, the current set of indicators under the KETs Observatory and the Digital Transformation Monitor Scoreboard may give a good indication for the scope work.