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Provision of Net Neutrality (NN) Measurement Tool
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Agency for Support for BEREC (BEREC Office)
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Annex 1 - Requirement 12 "The use of the tool shall not require any software which is not open source".
For a cartographical presentation of measurement results our solution uses Google Maps as a base layer. The usage of Google maps is not covered by any open-source license, however in most cases (up to a certain limit) for free. Is it appropriate for BEREC to use Google Maps as a base layer or is it necessary to set-up an individual map tile server (e.g. based on OpenStreetMap)?
In order to comply with privacy regulations, a solution has to be implemented that allows the use of a self-hosted tile server. This means e.g. that the usage of OpenLayers or Leaflet as a framework is preferred, even if Google Maps is used for tile data in the reference solution. If the maps are provided by the OS and their usage is best practice (e.g. Google Maps for Android devices) the use of non-free map tiles and APIs is allowed, as long as the use is not inducing any cost for all practical cases. In all cases, the tile data representation of measurements generated by the server has to be provided in a format that allows easy use in free map frameworks (e.g. “x/y/z”-tiles).