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Call for tender no Chafea/2017/Health/01 concerning the EU dimension to prevent ...
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European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA)
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Task 1
We have reviewed the technical information regarding the previous wave of the SEAS. The technical report states that the national level surveys were merged to one common European data-set. The terms of reference for this assignment request, as part of Task 1 state: - The cleaning, quality assurance treatment and user-friendly preparation of raw data for analysis - Could you please clarify if the contractor is expected to work with the merged common European data-set, or whether it is expected that the contractor will need to examine each national level survey database? This information has an important impact on estimating resources for Task 1. As the ToR references the first wave of the SEAS multiple times, it is crucial to understand the nature of the common European data-set, therefore is CHAFEA able to provide open access to the database? Thank you.
The contractor is expected to work with the common merged European data-set of the 1st SEAS. The database is not published with open access, but a copy will be given to the contractor at the Inception meeting. For preparing its offer, the tenderer can find information on the methodology of the first 1st SEAS and the structure of its dataset at the webpage of the RARHA Joint Action, as referenced in the ToR (