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Provision of SATCOM services for RPAS
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European Maritime Safety Agency
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Answer to the question 25: “The Satellite Service Provider shall assess which security requirements are necessary to provide the required service performance.” Due to the associated costs linked to security requirements and for having a fair and equal tender evaluation, it needed that all the bidders may quote service offers that are fulfilling the same key security requirements defined by the customer. Please could you provide bidders with these requirements in terms of infrastructure localisation and awaited accreditations for being able to perform missions for EU member states?
There are no security requirements on teleport location or accreditation because the information to be transmitted through the payload data link is not classified (no NATO or EU information classification). For the Command and Control link security is important but it is not critical because as stated in the Answer to Question 28; in case of communications failure, the safety is achieved by defining a return procedure allowing the predictability of RPAS route back to the landing point. Once it re-enters RLOS range the C2 is re-established via the RLOS channels. For Lot 3, the Contracting Authority will provide a secured and monitored area to place all the VSAT and communication equipment (aeroport or aerodrome with security personnel, hangar, etc.)