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European Commission, DG Mobility and Transport (MOVE)
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Financial Identification Form
Dear Sirs, We are writing a tender together with another company, so we have estabilished a joint tender in which we are the leaders. The other company has signed a power of attorney letter. Do both the companies have to provide their financial identification form and the legal entity form?or only the leader? Thank you in advance.
All tenderers (including all members of the group in case of joint tender) must provide a signed Legal Entity Form with its supporting evidence. The form is available on: Tenderers that are already registered in the Contracting Authority’s accounting system (i.e. they have already been direct contractors) must provide the form, but are not obliged to provide the supporting evidence. The tenderer (or the leader in case of joint tender) must provide a Financial Identification Form with its supporting documents. Only one form per tender should be submitted. No form is needed for subcontractors and other members of the group in case of joint tender. The form is available on: