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²DIGIT/A3/PO/2017/023 – Software for Innovation, Diversity and Evolution II (SID...
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European Commission, DG Informatics (DIGIT)
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Awarding of the CRO1 Clarification
In chapter 3.2 of the tender specifications you mention: The EC will conduct a first EC reopening of competition procedure among the five tenderers that were awarded the FWC. Does this mean that the CRO1 will not be awarded at the same time as the Framework contract ? (Although the CRO1 is the almost the sole element to do the evaluation ? )
The first Commission reopening of competition procedure can only be awarded after the award of the Framework Contracts, since they form its legal basis. That being said, the evaluation of the call for tenders and CRO1 will happen in parallel. It is possible that the notification of results to tenderers regarding the call for tenders will already contain the results of CRO1 as well. However, the Commission reserves the right not to award CRO1, or to award it at a later stage, within the validity period of your tender.