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Study on the opportunities to evolve TAF TSI to exploit synergies with e-enhance...
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European Commission, DG Mobility and Transport (MOVE)
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throughput time of the activities
The document with the Tender Specs indicates in section 2.4 to have approximately 165 days of throughput time for the tasks to be performed. However, in section 2.6A a final report is demanded at latest after 10 months of signing of the contract. Furthermore, in section 2.6B the duration of the contract is said to be no more then 12 months. o So considering these requirements: how much time to we have to perform and deliver the results of the tasks?
The time assigned to each individual task is defined in Section 2.4 – however, considering the timing for the assessment of the reports and the potential re-definition or integration of their content / clarification with the successful tenderer, a total time of 10 months for the submission of the final report plus two for potential integrations – including meetings - have been set.