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European Commission, DG Energy (ENER)
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Accounting System
Can you please confirm that the Global Carbon Capture and Storage Institute Ltd is registered on the EC ‘Contracting Authority’s accounting system'. We have received payments for Grants and Membership fees from the EC previously.
While it's not a requirement to confirm at this stage, you can search the 'Participant Register' here: If you have already an existing Participant Identification Code (PIC) validated it can be used for any call for tender. There is only one data base of PIC numbers, and it doesn't matter if it has been validated during a grant procedure or a procurement procedure. There is no time limit of the validity of the PIC; similar to the validity of The Legal Entities Files (LEFs) in the Commission internal information system, called ABAC. Once it is validated, it is valid as long as there are no changes reported (e.g. change of address, bankruptcy, etc.).