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²DIGIT/A3/PO/2017/023 – Software for Innovation, Diversity and Evolution II (SID...
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European Commission, DG Informatics (DIGIT)
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Draft Framework Contract and annexes
The Draft Framework Contract and annexes are in some ways not applicable to resellers, which means that amendments would have to be made to make them suitable and agreeable. Is this acceptable to the European Commission? And if so, is this to be done during the RFP stage or following contract award? Please advise how such proposed changes should be advised in the response, e.g. by proposed alternative clauses or simply explanatory comments.
It is not possible to modify the Framework Contract after the submission deadline for tenders. If you have specific concerns on specific articles, please raise them in a question, and if possible, suggest alternative wording, so the Commission can assess your suggestions. All resulting Framework Contracts from the SIDE II Call for Tenders will be identical, and thus modifications to the already attached draft Framework Contract will apply to all tenderers.