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Fostering collaboration through mapping, analysing and interlinking of European ...
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Executive Agency for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (EASME)
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Support of EER Regions
How do you expect a tenderer to show this Support? What kind of organisation does in your interpretation have the power to legally represent an EER Region?
The cooperation with EER labelled regions is explained in Section 1.4.3. of the Tender Specifications: "Tenderers are requested to present letters of cooperation with at least 4 EER labelled regions, showing the full support of these regions in collaborating with the Tenderer. Such letters are not necessary for those Regions participating in the submitted tender as partners of the bidding consortium (joint tender)." To ensure the above mentioned full support of the regions, the tenderer is free to agree the terms of the cooperation support; the form and modalities of cooperation will be explained in the offer. As an example, the tenderer will explain how the Task 1.1 Mapping of the entrepreneurial ecosystem will be carried out in cooperation with the selected EER regions. As territorial entities have different administrative structures, letters of cooperation signed by the head of the administration or by the political body of the EER labelled region will be accepted. If letters are signed by somebody else than the above a short explanation is needed and the onus remains on the tenderer to demonstrate that it has the full support of the regional authority on the provision of the proposed services.