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²DIGIT/A3/PO/2017/023 – Software for Innovation, Diversity and Evolution II (SID...
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European Commission, DG Informatics (DIGIT)
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Clarification questions
1) Are tenderers allowed to only offer one of the two Groups from CRO1 – Annex 2 Financial Model?  If yes please explain in detail how it will be determined which tenderers will be awarded a place on the framework contract in case you receive more than 5 offers. 2) Are tenderers allowed to offer a negative uplift? 3) The financial model foresees to provide uplifts for licenses and services. Could you please confirm that software renewals and software maintenance falls under licenses and that only the Informatics Services  (3.3.3 SIDE II Tendering Specifications) are meant with services? 4) Is our understanding correct that for criterion F1 in the Tendering Specifications par. 4.3.2., the term “this criterion applies to the tenderer as a whole” means that this criterion can also be fulfilled by taking into account the capacities of a subcontractor? Thank you!
1) No. All tenderers must provide offers for the two groups defined in CRO1, as this is part of the Commission's assessment of tenderers' capability to provide a wide range of software. In future reopening of competition procedures, however, it will also be possible to submit an offer for only one of the groups of interest, or not to participate at all. 2) Yes, negative uplifts are possible. However, if your offer includes one or several negative uplifts, tenderers should provide a statement explaining why their offer is not abnormally low, in the sense of Art. 151 of the Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) No. 1268/2012. 3) Yes, we confirm your understanding. This is also mentioned in line 13 of the 'Summary CRO1' sheet of Annex 2 to the CRO1 tendering specifications. 4) Yes, we confirm your understanding, as also mentioned in Section 4.3 of the Tendering Specifications. Please note that additional documentation is requested from corporate subcontractors if the tenderer relies on its capacity to fulfil selection criteria (see Section of the Tendering Specifications).