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From 6.8.2/3/4, we understand that a note of 20 pages maximum is required for each of the 3 scenarios in addition to a technical proposal for each scenario, as defined in 6.8.1. Can you clarify whether each note is a separate document from the technical proposal, or a section included the proposal, which could then be isolated as a self-standing note? Also we understand that the highlights of the Powerpoint presentation of the note can be presented in a Word format as a description of the content of the presentation, and not the presentation itself? Can you confirm that ?
The link between the general aspects of chapter 6.8.1 and the chapters for the scenarios 6.8.2, 6.8.3 and 6.8.4 has to be understood as follows: - for each scenario there will be only one technical proposal/note in Word format, of 20 pages maximum. This will answer to both: • the general requirements of 6.8.1 • the requirements of each corresponding scenario. - for each scenario there will be one power point presentation (max 10 slides) summarizing the tenderer's proposal to the requirements of the corresponding scenario only (i.e.: 6.8.2, 6.8.3, 6.8.4) . The technical proposal /note, the financial proposal and the powerpoint presentation for each of the scenarios will be a self-standing set of documents representing the individual proposal for each of the scenarios.