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Management of the Administrative Secretariat of the “Co-ordination groups for Ad...
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European Commission, DG for Internal Market, Industry,Entrepreneurshipand SMEs (...
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Could you provide the tenderers with the exhaustive and detailed list of meetings/seminars organised under the current framework contract since the beginning of the contract including, for each of them: location (city-if possible venue), duration (in days), interpretation needs (including number of interpreted languages)?
According to paragraph 1.3 of the tender specifications, a provisional meeting schedule will be provided by the Commission before the kick-off meeting, which may be held immediately after the contract is signed. In the three-week period following the signing of the contract, the provisional meeting schedule will be reviewed by the Contractor. The reviewed schedule will then be submitted to the Commission. The schedule will comprise the agreed final work programme, including the number and the dates of the meetings to be held by each group, as well as the projected budgetary estimate for each meeting. Furthermore, a list of the groups indicating the number of their members and meetings per year can be found at annex 6.9.