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Telephony Communications Services
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European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO)
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Different technical questions (II) - part II
4.2.3. Coverage requirements - May we have the plans of the exact localisations to be covered as well as a contact person for measuring in each agency? Are there localisation changes foresee during the contract? Is there an economic envelop foreseen for the changes of localisation or those changes are to be considered free of charge for the agencies? 4.4. MIGRATION - It is not clear if after the first month, due to the current contractor, there is a penalty applied to the new contractor even if the latter is not responsible for the delays (no cooperation with portability, etc.). 4.8. REPORTING o Could you give more details about business intelligence reporting? o Does the Queris to Call Detail Record concept imply the consultation of the CDRs of the reporting system?
4.2.3. Coverage requirements -The contractor will request any technical information to any agency once the framework contract will be signed. - As indicated in the table annexed to Annex 1, the agency EMA will move from London to Amsterdam in 2019. The agency EBA will move from London to Paris in 2019. Other moves may occur during the life of the framework contract. - As mentioned in Annex II – technical specifications, point 4.2.3, “At the beginning of the contract […] installation of indoor infrastructure […] will be free of charge for the Agencies.” This applies to the beginning of the execution of the service provided by the framework contract. If any agency has to repeat this operation due to a move, then the contractor and the agency may have to negotiate the conditions of this new application of point 4.2.3. 4.4. MIGRATION According to the conditions expressed in Annex II – technical specifications, point 4.4, “the affected Agency will apply a penalty of 50% of the total invoice to the incoming Contractor.” 4.8. REPORTING Agencies request to access a tool that will show in real time the most updated, complete, flexible and detailed service reports. As an example, this tool can be a web based portal. In addition, agencies request to be able to perform their own queries in this system.