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Please note that the deadline for submission of tenders has been changed to 01/08/2018 and the deadline for request for clarifications to 24/07/2018
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Technical Annex C - Profile descriptions
Could you please specify how the CVs should demonstrate those requirements addressed as "good understanding of…". Should have the candidates practical experience or is it enough with a training is the referred subject?
The evaluation committee will consider both practical experience and training as sufficient evidence for “good understanding of …” if the duration exceeds one calendar month for practical experience and five calendar days for a training. Example 1: A candidate with a work assignment related to C# development longer than one calendar month will be considered having a good understanding of C#. Example 2: A candidate that participated in a five (or more) day TOGAF training course will be considered having a good understanding of TOGAF. Two training courses on TOGAF of three days each will likewise be considered sufficient