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'Extra-muros' services in the fields of spatial information and geographic infor...
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European Commission, DG EUROSTAT
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Special Conditions Art. I.8.2, draft framework contract
Question to Special Conditions Art. I.8.2, draft framework contract Article I.8.2 specifies "All pre-existing rights incorporated in the results and directly related to the uses foreseen in Article I.8.1 shall be fully and irrevocably acquired by the Union as provided for in Article II.10.2 and by derogation to Article II.10.3." This article seems not be in the interest of the Union. The reason is that it will prevent the Contractor to base their development on open-source software or other software for which the Contractor does not hold the IPR. Question: does ESTAT maintain the present wording of Art. I.8.2? Should this not be the case, please submit the new wording of the concerned paragraph of the Article.
The submission of a tender in response to an invitation to tender issued by the Commission implies that the tenderer accepts all the conditions laid down in the invitation to tender and the contract. Therefore, the contract to be signed with the selected tenderer will be the one annexed to the tender specifications.