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Executive Agency for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (EASME)
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Clarification on the answer provided on 14/06/2018 concerning "the EU construction sector"
We would like to receive further clarification with respect to the answer provided on 14/06/2018, i.e. “the “EU construction sector” refers to construction activities carried out by EU construction companies […]”, as there might be room for a misleading impression on the following: 1. That you preclude from competition in this tender all companies other than EU construction companies. The companies such as EU consulting firms, real estate firms, firms specialised in vocational training, and many others that provide services to the construction sector (e.g. construction management services, construction training, etc.) can fulfil both selection criteria A1 and A2 (p.27) . Can you confirm that this understanding is correct and that therefore, a company providing construction-relevant services is eligible for fulfilling both criteria (A1 and A2)?
Answer to the question n°1: The conditions concerning the access to the procurement procedures launched by EASME are set in section 3.1. - Participation of the tender specifications, including the footnote n°37. Whether or not a tenderer have access to a procurement procedure launched by EASME is assessed during the evaluation phase by the evaluation committee. The selection criteria A1 and A2, within the scope of section 3.1, refer to any economic operator that can prove the required experience. The footnote 32 (p.11) states: “For the purpose of this call, construction refers to the economic activities covered by NACE (rev.2) classification F – Construction” (but no real estate activities). Concerning the type of experience required, potential tenderers must prove experience in the EU construction sector, i.e. demonstrate that they carried out relevant activities in the EU. In principle, non-EU construction companies can participate in this procurement procedure, provided that they have performed their activities in the EU. Criteria A1 and A2 cover two different activities (EU construction/OSH + iVET and cVET/development of vocational training modules) and potential tenderers have to cover both of them. With respect to Selection Criteria A1 and A2, the tender must demonstrate that the tenderer has implemented projects related to the EU construction sector (please also refer our answer to Question 1), including in the area of OSH, iVET and cVET, and development of vocational training modules in that sector. The tenderer is not required to be an EU construction company. Please also note that the tenderer must respect the rules for participation in this call for tenders, as set out in Section 3.1 of the tender specifications.