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Executive Agency for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (EASME)
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Clarification on the answer provided on 14/06/2018 concerning "the EU construction sector"
We would like to receive further clarification with respect to the answer provided on 14/06/2018, i.e. “the “EU construction sector” refers to construction activities carried out by EU construction companies […]”, as there might be room for a misleading impression on the following: 2. Hypothetically, there may be an EU-based consulting firm, providing construction management services in projects that lie under the NACE (rev.2) classification F – Construction. Due to the broad array of the services such a company offers, they are not listed under one of the categories that the NACE (rev.2) classification F – Construction comprises. On the basis of the evidence that you require in the call for tenders, one may understand that it is the type of projects that the interested company performs and not how it is listed for statistical reasons that makes the company eligible for this tender. Can you confirm this interpretation?
Answer to the question n°2: At this stage, we cannot assess individual cases. Whether or not a tenderer have access to a procurement procedure launched by EASME as well as whether or not a tenderer fulfills the selection criteria will be assessed during the evaluation phase by the evaluation committee. The potential tenderer must fulfil the selection criteria related to the tenderers (pages 27-28) and the criteria related to the team delivering the service (pages 28-29). Classification referred to on Page 11, in Footnote 32, of the Tender Specifications ( “construction refers to the economic activities covered by NACE (rev.2) classification F – Construction”) refers to the nature of services provided. With respect to Selection Criteria A1 and A2, the tenderer must demonstrate that the tenderer has implemented projects related to the EU construction sector, where “construction” is understood as activities under NACE (rev.2) classification F.