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Executive Agency for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (EASME)
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Clarification on the answer provided on 14/06/2018 concerning "the EU construction sector"
We would like to receive further clarification with respect to the answer provided on 14/06/2018, i.e. “the “EU construction sector” refers to construction activities carried out by EU construction companies […]”, as there might be room for a misleading impression on the following: 3. Can you please confirm that projects implemented in third countries outside the EU are still eligible as evidence as long as they are being implemented by an EU-based company and/or are getting financed by the EU?
Answer to the question n°3: Any project implemented in third countries can also be mentioned as evidence, as long as it can be contextualized in the framework of this call for tender. The required experience does not necessarily have to been gained in EU-based companies and/or in EU-funded projects. Please refer to criteria “B - criteria related to the team delivering the service” (pages 28-29) for more details. With respect to Selection Criteria A1 and A2, the tenderer must demonstrate that the tenderer has implemented projects related to the EU construction sector. For all projects, regardless of whether they have been implemented in the EU or elsewhere, the Contracting Authority will assess on a case by case basis the relevance of the subject matter of the project to the EU construction sector.