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Framework Contract for Procurement of Crisis Management Consultancy
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European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex)
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1. Please can you confirm the technical versus financial evaluation weighting since this is given as 40/60 and 60/40 at different places in the documentation. We assume it is 60% for the technical and 40% for the financial. 2. We note that the documents state that there will be no be pre-financing or interim payments made. Given that the framework could last for 4 years with costs incurred upfront and involving subcontractors, please can you clarify what the intended arrangements for invoicing would be and whether you would consider upfront and/or interim payments. 3. Please can you confirm the numbers of deliverables envisaged per year/per 4 years to avoid any ambiguity. For example as the financial tables references 8 table-top and 8 fully-fledged exercises over the 4 years we are assuming this means that you require 2 each of these per year and that “biannual” means every other year (i.e. 2 over the framework)? 4. For the fully-fledged exercise and table-top exercise, please can you clarify what is meant by “in this sequence” in Section 5 of the ToR. Are you envisaging that the table-top exercises are held after the fully-fledged exercises and during the same session (back-to-back), or are these separated in time?
1. The correct award criteria are: technical quality – 60% and financial offer – 40%. The point 3.5.2. Award criteria of the Tender Specifications should read as follows: The contract will be awarded to the tenderer offering the best value for money, with a 60/40 weighting between technical quality and financial offer. 2. This FWC will be implemented in the way of a specific contracts and the payments will be done after completing services ordered by each specific contract. The Contractor (or leader in the case of a joint tender) must send an invoice for payment due under a specific contract, as provided for in the Terms of Reference and accompanied by the report on completed deliverable. Therefore, no interim payments or pre-financing is foreseen. 3. Please be advised, that the document of Annex II – Terms of References has been amended. The new version named Annex II Terms of Reference (corrected after QA) has been uploaded to the document library. The requested deliverables shall be: • 1 fully fledged crisis management exercises per year • 1 table top crisis management exercises per year • 1 training for the crisis mgmt. teams per year • 1 Frontex staff awareness session per year • Consultancy services to provide support in the crisis management (up to 85 hours per year) Consequently, these changes are reflected in the changed Annex III - Financial Offer, which has been has been uploaded to the document library as Annex III - Financial Proposal (corrected after QA). 4. Each of the deliverables will be ordered from the service provider separately, not in sequence, not to be held during the same session. One exercise after the other. It is foreseen to start with a fully-fledged exercise (first half of the year) and hold a table top exercise in the second half of the year.