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Framework Contract for Procurement of Crisis Management Consultancy
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European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex)
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biannual crisis mgt including crisis communication component
Dear, Out of 5 services listed in Annex III Financial Proposal, the Terms of Reference only lists 4 (2-5) that have a more elaborate description under deliverables. Would it be possible to receive an additional explanation on that specific service please? So we are referring to point 1 in the financial proposal document: The “Biannual crisis management including a crisis communication component for Frontex crisis management team” which is listed in annex III under service number 1 is not listed in annex II terms of reference under the more elaborate explanation of deliverables. In contrast the other services (2-5) are elaborately described. Thank you for your feedback.
Please be advised, that the document of Annex II – Terms of References has been amended. The new version named Annex II Terms of Reference (corrected after QA) has been uploaded to the document library. In the terms of references, section 5, a delivery of biannual crisis management for the crisis management team was deleted, as the sentence proved to be misleading. The requested deliverables shall be: • 1 fully fledged crisis management exercises per year • 1 table top crisis management exercises per year • 1 training for the crisis mgmt. teams per year • 1 Frontex staff awareness session per year • Consultancy services to provide support in the crisis management (up to 85 hours per year) Annex II – Terms of References Section 5.7 about the consultancy services was updated as well. Consequently, these changes are reflected in the changed Annex III - Financial Offer, which has been has been uploaded to the document library as Annex III - Financial Proposal (corrected after QA).