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Telephony Communications Services
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Question related to Annex II "Technical Specifications", section 6.7
The section requests an invoicing of the services on a monthly basis, however paragraph 2 states: “...if a particular profile is used only for ten days in a particular month, the price of this service for that month will be proportional to the usage...”. Given the kind of service profiles and features requested, certain parts of the service (e.g. receiving calls, email notifications, receiving instant messages) will be provided throughout the month and are always available. There is no technical way to determine which features of a service profile have been used for how many days in a month. Therefore, billing dependent on the respective number of days of usage is not feasible. Being aware of the capabilities of all major providers in this area, we strongly doubt that any bidder could provide this option. We kindly ask for a clarification whether billing on a monthly base is acceptable.
Technical specifications are focused on the creation of new profiles or changes in the existing ones. For example, for an increase of one unit of a particular profile in a given day, only the resting part until the end of the month will be invoiced, regardless of the day of the month in which that increase occurred. In this case, this is valid for: - The creation or deletion of any of the profiles in table 10: Service profiles definition, point 6.1.3 of Annex II. Technical specifications (e.g., new UcaaS account). - The change from one of the profiles in the table to another one in the same table (e.g. from UcaaS Voice to UcaaS account).