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Valid programming languages for the profiles "Junior Consultant" and "Programmer"
Tender Specifications Section 2.8.1 (page 18), section 2.8.2, (page 20), Annex 12 "indicative products list" (page 2). The profiles "Junior Consultant" and "Programmer", require "programming experience in the programming languages currently used in the Commission". Annex 12 just addresses "Java J2EE 1.6.x" as programming language, while section 2.8.1 (page 18) include a list of software infrastructure for a larger set of programming languages. Could Eurostat please specify which are the specific languages of the European Commission which are considered valid to pass the selection criteria of a CV? Are .Net, Python and Flash (which are part of the required software infrastructure) valid programming languages for both profiles?
The expected or valid programming languages are listed among the specific requirement for the Contractor's infrastructure in Article 2.8.1 'Specific requirements to bid for this lot (specific selection criteria)', and Annex 16.1.6 'IT Infrastructure Form' (Page 2 of 2). These specific requirements identify the minimum overlapping between the Commission and Contractor's infrastructure needed for the successful implementation of the framework contract.