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Mobility scheme for artists and/or culture professionals
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European Commission, DG Education,Youth, Sport and Culture (EAC)
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Question regarding Annex 3 – Economic and financial analysis
Dear DG EAC, Please see below 2 questions regarding Annex 3 – Economic and financial analysis: “Consortia and sub-contractors In the case of consortia, both the leader and all members of the group are required to submit the documents proving their financial capacity in accordance with the scenarios set out in point 3 (‘Documents’). The sub-contractors referred to in point 2 above (‘Entities subject…’) must also submit documents to prove their financial capacity, in accordance with the scenarios set out in point 3 (‘Documents’). N.B. the various headings in point 3 concerning documents apply to all the entities referred to in point 2.” Q1. Could you clarify whether the financial analysis concerns the organisation which coordinates the tender or the total amount of the organisations forming the tenderer? Q2. Does the NB state that ALL the partners in the consortium have to provide documents according to the scenario applying to the whole tender (= scenario 3) or do we provide documents according to our participation in the tender? Thank you in advance for your reply. Kind regards, M.V.M.
Dear Maria Virto Marcilla, Please refer to annex 3a, point 2: " 2. ENTITIES SUBJECT TO THE EXAMINATION OF FINANCIAL CAPACITY • All the economic operators, including natural persons, involved in the tender procedure. • For a consortium, the leader and all the members of the consortium. • In the case of sub-contracting, all the sub-contractors, provided that the sub-contracting value is 10 % or more of the value of the contract." The financial analysis concerns each member of the consortium, i.e. all members of the consortium. We hope this replies to your question. Best regards, DG EAC