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Mobility scheme for artists and/or culture professionals
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European Commission, DG Education,Youth, Sport and Culture (EAC)
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Financial clarification - costs to cover for individual mobility actions
On page 9 of the tender specifications it states: The tenderer will have to organise and administrate at least 3000 individual mobility units covering a minimum of 500 participants (IMU)*. The contract will cover travel and the fee for the participation of the individual sub-contractors as well as all the costs related to the IMU. *An individual mobility unit corresponds to five complete days of participation in a cross border mobility action per individual, excluding travelling time. If 1 mobility unit is equivalent to 5 days of participation by one person, based on a minimum of 500 people, does that mean that there will be a minimum of 15,000 days of mobility actions to be covered under this contract?
Dear Madam, Thank you for your interest in the call for tenders "Mobility scheme for artists and/or culture professionals". Further to your question, we confirm that according to the tender's specifications, 15 000 days is the minimum required. Yours sincerely, DG EAC