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Please note that the deadline for submission of tenders has been changed to 01/08/2018 and the deadline for request for clarifications to 24/07/2018
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Financial Proposal
In regards to Annex II (Financial proposal), for the quotation for the element 2 (Third Line Support), we must provide a fixed price during one calendar month, regardless of the number of tickets and the associated effort to follow these up; and in question 84 you are confirming that the third line support only will be provided for those products already taken over. Therefore we understand that the monthly price we must provide for the element 2 in the financial proposal should consider the price of the support for all the products included in the Technical Annex B – IT Product Listing, even we have not still taken over all of them. Could you please confirm our understanding is correct?
Your understanding is correct. Please see the answer to question 85.