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European Parliament, DG Communication (COMM)
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Request of clarification related to Proof of professional risk indemnity insurance
Related to the following criterion for Financial and Economic Capacity: “Financial and economic capacity will be assessed on the basis of the information included in the following documents, to be supplied by tenderers: (…) - Proof of professional risk indemnity insurance.” In Romania and not only, this Professional risk indemnity insurance cannot be concluded for something that doesn’t exist, in the case of a hypothetical contract or for any future contracts. This type of insurance can be signed/concluded only on the basis of a signed contract that will be implemented as it provides the necessary information for which the insurance will be issued (such as the parties involved, the period, the value, covered risks etc.). Under these circumstances, presentations of such Professional risk indemnity insurance at tender stage will block the participation of Romanian companies (and not only) at this tender. Thus, we kindly request that this requirement be removed at the tender stage and accept the obligation to present such a Professional risk indemnity insurance or equivalent proof documents (such as good performance guarantee) after signing the contract within a maximum of 15 days. Thank you in advance for you reply.
Please refer to point 14.2 of the Specifications: "If the tenderer is unable to provide the references requested, he may prove his economic and financial capacity by any other document which the European Parliament considers appropriate." For example, tenderers could provide a declaration of honour that they will sign a professional risk indemnity insurance, if they are selected to be awarded the contract.