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European Parliament, DG Communication (COMM)
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Joint tender
1. Should the technical offer be signed or only the economic offer? 2. In the case of a joint tender, must all parties meet the technical and the economic solvency requirements, or is it sufficient if one of them complies? 3. In the case of a joint tender, can the leader of the consortium be one of the companies that doesn't meet the economic and technical solvency requirements? 4. Should the tender be presented in 3 envelopes? Administrative, technical and financial?
1. We expect at least the signature of a cover page and the signature of the price list. You do not need to sign every single page of the technical offer. 2. In principle, it's enough if one complies, but please read carefully the points 6 and 17 of the "Specifications", as the evaluation committee will assess offers based on those. 3. In principle yes, but see point above. 4. The "Conditions" mention three sections, not three envelopes.