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European Parliament, DG Communication (COMM)
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Annex VI and letters of intent from subcontractors
Chapter 5 - I - Administrative Part of the tender specifications states the title of each section of the Administrative Part and specifies its content. Titles are as follows - Section 1, ‘Memorandum and articles of association - Consortiums’, - Section 2, ‘Supporting documents relating to the exclusion criteria’, - Section 3, ‘Supporting documents relating to the selection criteria’. Could you please specify in which of the sections above should the following be included? 1) “Annex VI – Declaration concerning subcontractors” 2) Letters of intent from subcontractors (re: page 18 of the specifications: "The tenderer may also rely on the capacity of other entities, irrespective of the legal nature of the links between him and those entities. In that case, he must prove to the European Parliament that he will have the resources needed to perform the contract, for instance by providing an assurance of the undertaking by those entities to make them available to him." )
1) Annex VI can be included in section 1. 2) All documents used for the selection criteria should be included in section 3.