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European Parliament, DG Communication (COMM)
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Annex VII - Financial data sheet VS statement of overall turnover and turnover in the area covered by the contract
The document library includes Annex VII - Financial data sheet. Could you please clarify the following questions: 1) Annex VII contains the following mistakes, which are to be corrected by the tenderers . It reads 'Total turnover for the last three financial years' and 'Total profit after tax for the last three financial years' Question: Correction to be made by tenderers: 'three' is to be replaced by 'two'. Do you confirm? 2) None of the sections in point '5.I Administrative Part' of the 'Conditions for submitting a tender' make reference to Annex VII. Question: Where in the tender should Annex VII be included? 3) Chapter 17 - Selection Criteria of the tender specifications, Point 17.2 Financial and economic capacity states, among other things, that "Financial and economic capacity will be assessed on the basis of the information included in the following documents, to be supplied by tenderers: - a statement of overall turnover and turnover in the area covered by the contract during a period which may be no more than the last two financial years available.", which is to be provided at tender submission and included in Section 3 "Supporting documents relating to the selection criteria" Question: Are tenderers to provide both the statement of overall turnover above AND 'Annex VII - Financial data sheet', which does not include the turnover in the area covered by the contract?
1) Yes we confirm that you can only provide those figures for the last two years. 2) You can include them in section 2, next to the documents for the financial selection criteria. 3) Yes, both.