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Monitoring the evolution and benefits of responsible research and innovation.
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European Commission, DG Research and Innovation (RTD)
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Monitoring the evolution and benefits of responsible research and innovation - question on the criteria relating to the team delivering the service
With regards to the selection criteria "at least 2 members of the team should have relevant scientific training",I would like to know whether by "scientific training" you mean training in scientific sciences (e.g. physics, biology, etc) or that experts should have a bachelor/master/PhD degree or other specific post bachelor in indicators.
The tender states that scientific training should be relevant to conducting work on indicators and metrics; such training may be demonstrated via formal degrees in cognate disciplines (such as, for instance, statistics, econometric, quantitative social sciences); by subject-specific methodological training (such as, for instance, metrics for education, Bibliometrics for open access); by informal scientific training of a nature that is relevant to the work envisaged (such as, for instance, doctoral and post-doc posters and presentation of scientific work covering the subject at conferences, to policy audiences, etc). Of course, there may be other ways in which scientific training may be demonstrated – it is up to the tenderers to demonstrate the relevance of the training. It will be the role of the evaluation committee to assess the tenders based on the information made available and to consider other documents that the tenderer should be provided.