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Mobility scheme for artists and/or culture professionals
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European Commission, DG Education,Youth, Sport and Culture (EAC)
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Deadline for receipt of hand signed documents
Dear Sir/Madam Regarding the hand signed documents the invitation to tender document says on page 6 “In this case, you must send by post all the original documents that were signed by hand immediately after the electronic submission of your Tender.” Could you please confirm that only the electronic submission of the tender must take place before the deadline on the 31st of August, that the signed documents may reach the specified address after the deadline and that a date stamp on the envelope, proving that the letter has been sent off the same day of the online submission or the next working day is sufficient? Thank you very much in advance for your reply.
Dear Sir, We would like firstly to make sure that it is clear that you must submit the tender through the electronic system within the deadline indicated in the invitation to tender. Tender that are not submitted via the electronic system or that are submitted after the deadline will be rejected. Regarding the paper submission, the post-delivery or the hand delivery have to be done either on the same date or the next working day after the submission but we can confirm you that the deadline counts only for the electronic submission. Kind regards, DG EAC