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Production of multimedia online content
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European Parliament, DG Communication (COMM)
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Question details
1. Presentation of the offer 2. Technical and professional capacity
1. In terms of the 3 'parts', could they be presented for example together in one folder, but separated with dividers, or should they be presented as completely standalone parts. 2. The tender specification state: (f) a list of the principal services provided and supplies delivered in the past 3 years, with the sums, dates and clients, public or private accompanied upon request by statements issued by the clients. Can you please clarify if statements should be included in the offer? Or is it the case that these may be requested later, following submission? The specifications also state: Where necessary in order to ensure an adequate level of competition, the contracting authorities may indicate that evidence of relevant supplies or services delivered or performed more than 3 years before will be taken into account . Does this mean that experience prior to 3 years will be taken into account or not?
1. The three parts mentioned in point 5. of the Conditions: I - Administrative Part, II – Technical part and III - Financial part can be introduced in one folder with dividers or in separate envelopes, it won't have any impact on the evaluation of the offers. 2. a) According with paragraph 15.3 of the Specifications, the statements issued by the clients could be requested by the EP at the later stage, during the evaluation process. b) The EP reserve the right to take into account evidence of relevant supplies or services delivered or performed more than 3 years before.