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Question concerning page limit of answers to questions in Part G
This is a question concerning LOT 6 in relation to the question from Part G on “5.1 Project management methodology”. We understand that for this question we are allowed to provide an answer between 6 and 12 pages as we are a consortium with 3 members. Note that we would reply using one single document. We also understand from one of the other questions asked that the cover page and table of content are not taken into account when counting the pages. We would like to know whether we can add in our reply an “introduction” section of 1 page and a “conclusion” section of 1 page while replying in 2 to 3 pages (instead of 2 to 4 pages) per consortium member. If yes, can we apply the same approach for the other questions of Part G? If so, does the same apply for the other Lots? Thank you.
Part G of the specifications for the ITS 19 stipulates: "For each of the questions in the points included in this document unless otherwise stated for specific questions, answers to the questions must be in the range 2 to 4 pages in Times New Roman font 11pt with 2cm top-bottom-left and right margins. Replies to questions in separate pages are authorised, always within the limit of 2 to 4 pages per question. Annexes to answers are not allowed unless explicitly specified. In case of a group of economic operators (except when the information should be provided for the group as a whole), the 2 to 4 pages are allowed for each of the group members (group leader and co-contractors). Documents from subcontractors must be included in the page limits allocated for the contractor presenting them. Information exceeding the size limits will be ignored during the evaluation process. " Furthermore in chapter 5 for lot 6 it is clearly stated : "5. Quality assurance and control mechanisms In case of a joint offer, provide the relevant information for the group leader and each co-contractor. ............... 5.1 Project management methodology Please give a description of your project management methodology/methodologies applicable to the required services." Consequently: Since it is not otherwise stated, nor have we asked that the information should be provided for the group as a whole (in the case of a group of economic operators.), we expect to have a 2 to 4-pages- document (in terms of content) by each of the economic operators (either group leader or co-contractor or single company tenderer), describing their "project management methodology/methodologies applicable to the required services"